Walmart Introduces Weekly Store Lighting Adjustment to Accommodate Sensory Disabilities

Starting this Saturday, July 22, Walmart has announced the implementation of “sensory-friendly shopping hours” in most of its stores every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. throughout August.

As part of their Back-to-School initiative, the retail giant will be adjusting their lighting to cater to sensory-sensitive individuals. During this two-hour period, the stores will turn off radios and display static images on TV sets.

These accommodations aim to enhance the shopping experience for individuals with sensory processing disorders, autism, and other sensory differences, according to Walmart’s press release.

“We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome,” the company stated. “This year, Walmart is taking steps to create a more calming shopping environment that is enjoyable for customers with sensory disabilities.”

While the announcement does not specify if the accommodations will continue beyond August, Walmart’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion remains evident.

In addition to Walmart, other businesses such as AMC Theatres offer sensory-friendly screenings regularly, while Chuck E. Cheese hosts “Sensory Sensitive Sundays” with early openings, a quieter ambiance, and dimmed lighting.

Earlier this month, Walmart proudly shared that it received a perfect score on the Disability Equality Index for the eighth consecutive year.

“We are dedicated to providing an accessible working and shopping experience for everyone, and our dedication to continuous improvement remains unwavering,” Walmart emphasized.