Elon Musk Affirms: Platform X Has No Plans to Introduce Its Own Cryptocurrency Token.

In the wake of Twitter’s rebranding, a wave of discussions emerged among crypto enthusiasts and journalists, pondering the potential launch of a cryptocurrency labeled as “X” by Elon Musk. In a surprising move, an unidentified group secured the domain xcoin.eth in anticipation of Musk’s hypothetical token release. This domain acquisition unfolded on the OpenSea platform, involving a transaction of 1.20 WETH ($2,245).

DogeDesigner, a notable influencer, took to Twitter to clarify that neither Musk nor his “X” project have initiated any cryptocurrency token offerings.

“Exercise caution with such articles,” the influencer advised.

Musk swiftly responded to this post.

“Such intentions are nonexistent,” the entrepreneur promptly affirmed on his personal social media platform.

In recent developments, Dogecoin (DOGE), the cryptocurrency favored by Elon Musk, experienced an impressive 9%