Expansion of US Department of Justice's Division Dedicated to Combating Crimes in the Cryptocurrency Sector

The US Department of Justice is gearing up to significantly expand its team dedicated to combating cryptocurrency-related crimes, a division that was established almost two years ago.

In a strategic move, the National Cryptocurrency Task Force is on track to be integrated permanently into the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division. The decision to enlarge the team is a direct response to the growing workload faced by specialists in this field.

The surge in crimes exploiting the buzz around “cryptocurrency,” even when the offenses are only loosely tied to actual cryptocurrencies, has become a matter of concern for law enforcement authorities.

The escalating complexity of fraud cases involving digital assets has pushed the agency to revamp its team by actively recruiting highly skilled professionals. The agency recognizes the need for exceptional expertise and technical know-how to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Nicole Argentieri, an official representing the US Department of Justice, has highlighted the critical role that the task force will play within the criminal investigative units. Its primary focus will revolve around conducting thorough investigations relating to computer-related offenses and ensuring the appropriate measures are taken to counter emerging threats in the cryptocurrency landscape.