Top Cryptocurrency Picks for August: Memecoins and BTC20 Taking the Lead

Ripple’s Legal Win Spurs Altcoin Surge: Memecoins and BTC20 Attract Investor Attention

Following Ripple’s recent legal victory, the altcoin market has seen notable gains.

However, investors are pondering whether it’s prudent to invest in top 10 cryptocurrencies and if their bullish rally will continue. Analysts suggest exploring pre-sale projects, with two standout coins being Wall Street Memes (WSM) and BTC20 (BTC20).

Considering cryptocurrency investments for August? Opportunities lie not only in well-established coins with longstanding market favor but also in emerging coins. Tokens undergoing pre-sale campaigns boast significant growth potential.

Wall Street Memes – hailing from a renowned online community that features memes playfully commented on by Elon Musk. The pre-sale has already raised over $17.4 million, and the asset’s value stands at $0.0322.

BTC20 – an ERC-20 token mirroring BTC’s tokenomics but built on a proof-of-stake architecture that incentivizes staking. The pre-sale has garnered over $1.2 million in investment, with coins available at just $1.

Wall Street Memes The phenomenon around GameStop (NYSE: GME) stocks in 2021 gave birth to a new financial movement. Ordinary traders took on Wall Street, providing inspiration for Wall Street Memes (WSM), the latest meme token.

Community support is the driving force behind the success of meme cryptocurrencies. With a vast online presence and social media accounts boasting over 1 million followers, Wall Street Memes already enjoys a considerable fan base.

An intriguing aspect is that enthusiasts emerged well before the cryptocurrency’s launch. Leveraging their NFT collection, the team cultivated a global social media presence years ago. Even Elon Musk engages with the project’s memes on their Twitter account (the company faces a ban in Russia).

Wall Street Memes, the meme cryptocurrency, was crafted to uplift the financial prosperity of each follower. Despite lacking any inherent functionality, it is anticipated to thrive due to the robust community backing.

Simultaneously with the WSM pre-sale, the developers unveiled another project – 420 NFTs built on the Bitcoin protocol.

In a mere three days, Wall Street Memes received over $800,000 in investments. This outstanding outcome sets the initiative apart from most pre-sale projects. The rapid success speaks volumes about the dedication and enthusiasm of the cryptocurrency startup’s supporters.

Presently, the raised investment volume exceeds $17 million. The current value of WSM is $0.0322, with an expected increase in the token’s value in the coming days. The pre-sale reached its peak at $0.0337.

The project boasts additional compelling advantages:

  • To celebrate the pre-sale, the team plans to distribute $50,000 in cryptocurrency.
  • Esteemed crypto bloggers have hailed WSM as the top meme coin with the potential for a 10-fold growth.
  • Wall St Bulls, the inaugural NFT collection of the Wall Street Memes brand, completely sold out in just 32 minutes, generating over $2.5 million for its founders.

BTC20 serves as a more eco-friendly and accessible alternative to Bitcoin, featuring a comparable long-term tokenomics.

Built on the Ethereum network, the new coin can seamlessly integrate with all other applications based on this blockchain. Thus, the project taps into the extensive liquidity of the Ethereum ecosystem, adhering to the “sound money” principles established by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

The BTC20 staking mechanism incorporates a 120-year unlocking schedule, gradually releasing unsold tokens from the pre-sale. During the current pre-sale, 100% of the supply will be made available for purchase.

Unlocked coins post pre-sale will serve as rewards. Traders will receive rewards commensurate with the amount they staked, creating an additional income stream for investors while reducing selling pressure. Consequently, BTC20 has the potential to become one of the leading coins for staking in 2023.

As a community-owned cryptocurrency, the value of BTC20 after listing can be significantly influenced by the actions and efforts of its supporters. Investors’ interest remains strong, with over $1,200,000 already invested in the project.

In essence, BTC20 streamlines and enhances the tokenomics of Bitcoin through the proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol, making passive income accessible to a wider audience.

The pre-sale will witness the release of 6.05 million BTC20 tokens in two phases, each priced at $1, aligning with BTC’s price in 2011. The coin’s value remains steady throughout the entire pre-sale period.

Notable attributes of the coin comprise:

  • Robust connections with Bitcoin, facilitating swift recognition and driving its value upward.
  • It offers additional utility beyond staking within the ecosystem.
  • Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it enjoys compatibility with numerous prominent DeFi applications.

What lies ahead for the cryptocurrency market in August of this year? Significant events and projections:

On Wednesday, July 26, the US Federal Reserve will determine the course of interest rate adjustments. Analysts anticipate that the regulator’s upcoming decision will potentially fuel cryptocurrency growth in August.

During the preceding meeting in June, the agency opted to maintain the rates set in May at 5.25%. Nevertheless, the current rate stands as the highest in the US since 2006. This move comes as the Federal Reserve seeks to address the country’s elevated inflation level, which reached 9.2% a year ago and has since been on the decline.

CME Group data reveals that 99.8% of market participants believe that rates will remain unchanged this month. SantinoCripto, a cryptocurrency market analyst, holds the belief that the Federal Reserve lacks grounds for further interest rate hikes.

However, economists like Nancy Vanden Houten from Oxford Economics still perceive a high likelihood of the Federal Reserve raising rates again. She underscored that employment data in the US does not allow for avoiding rate increases.

Overall, the rate decision this month could serve as one of the forthcoming catalysts for both the altcoin and Bitcoin markets. Additionally, the anticipated release of corporate earnings reports and the approval of spot BTC ETF launch applications may also trigger a bullish rally in the realm of digital currencies.

The correlation between interest rates and the volatility of assets, such as cryptocurrencies, can be attributed to the fact that lower rates entice investors towards riskier assets, while higher rates drive investments towards safer options like bonds.

In summary, most meme coins tend to be short-lived, experiencing rapid price fluctuations. However, experts predict that WSM will stand out as one of the few tokens that will endure in the market.

Regarding BTC20, experts also hold a positive outlook. The digital currency adds additional value to the achievements of Bitcoin, indicating significant growth potential.

Investors seeking the top cryptocurrencies should carefully consider various factors, including their portfolio objectives and risk tolerance. It’s crucial to recognize that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and may lead to financial losses.

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