Study: AI Can Steal Passwords with Up to 95% Accuracy by "Listening" to Keystrokes

A recent study has revealed that artificial intelligence (AI) tools can be exploited by malicious actors to efficiently steal user passwords by analyzing keystrokes. The AI demonstrates nearly impeccable accuracy in this process.

As elaborated in a study conducted by Cornell University, an artificial intelligence program exhibited remarkable performance in reproducing entered passwords, achieving an astonishing accuracy rate of 95%.

A group of computer scientists from the United Kingdom trained the AI model to recognize the sounds produced by keystrokes on a 2021 MacBook Pro.

The AI tool accurately interpreted the sounds of typing, captured by the laptop’s microphone.

To validate the accuracy of their approach, researchers executed 36 keystrokes on the laptop, with each key pressed 25 times with varying pressure and finger positioning. The AI program was able to differentiate unique aspects of each keystroke, including the length of sound waves.