Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan of the United States has dismissed Donald Trump’s counterlawsuit against author Jean Carroll, who emerged victorious in a May trial where she accused Trump of sexual assault and was awarded $5 million, according to a report by CNN.

In his legal action, Trump contended that in an interview with CNN the day after Carroll’s triumph was announced, she asserted that he had raped her, despite the fact that the court held him accountable for sexual assault rather than rape. During the spring court proceedings, a civil jury concluded that Trump had committed sexual assault against Carroll, though they rejected her claim of rape. The legal distinction hinged on the specific circumstances of how, in the jury’s perspective, he interacted with her against her will.

“Yes, he did it. Oh, yes, he did it,” Carroll responded to journalists’ queries regarding the jury’s determination that he had not raped her.

Furthermore, the former president contested Carroll’s narrative that she purportedly informed his attorney, “He did it, and you know it,” shortly after the court’s verdict was delivered.

However, Trump failed to substantiate that Carroll’s remarks were made with malicious intent, and the court deemed her statements to be “largely accurate.”

As per Kaplan’s assessment, there are compelling indications that Trump “knowingly and forcefully” inserted his fingers into Carroll’s vaginal area, inflicting immediate distress and lasting emotional and psychological trauma.

The judgment articulated, “Trump committed an assault on her, though employing a digital approach rather than his penis. In doing so, he is corroborating the fundamental veracity of Ms. Carroll’s rape allegations,” as per the court’s ruling.

Alina Habba, legal representative for Trump, expressed vehement dissent with the misguided verdict and has outlined intentions to initiate an appeal.

Carroll had accused Trump of forcibly dragging her into the fitting room of an upscale department store in 1996, forcibly kissing her, removing her hosiery, and engaging in sexual intercourse against her resistance.

Donald Trump, in response, categorically refutes all such allegations, including the reported incident at the store. Among other assertions, he labeled the author as a “lunatic” who purportedly fabricated a “misleading and fabricated narrative” to market memoirs.