Survey Reveals Nearly Half of Republican Voters Would Not Support Trump if He Is Found Guilty.

Simultaneously, a significant 75% of respondents believe that the allegations against Trump are politically motivated. According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, nearly half of Republican voters would withhold their support for Trump if he is found guilty following investigations.

Specifically, 45% of Republican voters stated that they would not back Trump should the jurors deem him guilty of a serious offense.

On the other hand, 35% of respondents remain steadfast in their support for the former president, even in the event of a guilty verdict. The remaining participants were unable to offer a conclusive response.

When asked whether they would vote for the former US President while serving a prison sentence, 52% of respondents responded negatively, while 28% gave an affirmative answer.

In the meantime, an overwhelming 75% of Republican voters view the allegations against Trump as “politically motivated.” Conversely, 20% hold a different opinion, while the remaining respondents abstained from providing a response.

This comprehensive survey spanned across the entire United States and included the participation of 1005 residents of the country.