United States Detains Military Personnel for Illegally Transmitting Classified Information to China.

Two members of the U.S. Navy are facing charges for allegedly providing confidential national security information to Beijing. According to Reuters, officials from the prosecutor’s office reported that 26-year-old Petty Officer Venhen Zhao has been accused of conspiracy and bribery in connection to receiving approximately $15,000 in exchange for providing photographs and videos of classified U.S. military information.

Similarly, U.S. Navy Sailor Jinchao Wei, whose age remains undisclosed, is alleged to have conspired to transmit information about U.S. national defense to China in return for substantial monetary compensation.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Matt Olsen addressed the media in San Diego, stating that the actions of these individuals resulted in sensitive military information falling into the hands of the People’s Republic of China.

The accusations against Zhao involve sending U.S. military training plans in the Indo-Pacific region, along with electrical diagrams and radar system drawings from a U.S. military base in Okinawa, Japan. Additionally, Zhao is believed to have provided details on the security measures of U.S. military and naval facilities to his Chinese contact.

Wei is facing allegations of divulging information regarding the USS Essex, the amphibious assault ship where he served, along with details about other American military vessels, including numerous technical manuals outlining the armament, force structure, and operational procedures of the USS Essex.

FBI Special Agent Stacey Moy asserted that China poses the most significant threat to the United States. “Beijing will spare no effort in targeting the United States as part of its strategic ambition to become the world’s singular superpower,” she stressed.

In the past year, a former U.S. Army major and his anesthesiologist wife were charged with conspiring to leak classified medical information about military patients to Russia.

In April, U.S. federal authorities arrested two suspected agents who, under the guise of a public organization, were involved in establishing an illicit “police precinct” in New York on behalf of China.

Recently, Germany’s military intelligence agency issued a warning about escalating espionage activities by Russia and China within the country.