Massive Grain Destruction in "Odessa" and "Chornomorsk" Sea Ports by Russians, 60,000 Tons Lost

In the aftermath of the attacks by Russian forces on the infrastructure in Odessa Oblast during July 18-19, a devastating blow was dealt to the sea ports of “Odessa” and “Chornomorsk,” resulting in the destruction of 60,000 tons of grain. Minister of Agricultural Policy, Mykola Soltskyi, made this distressing revelation.

Moreover, a significant portion of the grain export infrastructure at the Chornomorsk port was rendered inoperative. Experts predict that it will take a minimum of one year to fully recover the damaged facilities.

The grain that was destroyed was scheduled to be loaded onto a large-tonnage vessel and dispatched through the grain corridor 60 days prior.

The grave impact of this event was felt most by the grain infrastructure of international and Ukrainian traders and carriers such as Kernel, Viterra, and CMA CGM Group. This heinous act is not only an assault on Ukraine but also poses a threat to global food security. Humanity finds itself held hostage by a terrorist nation that seeks to wield hunger as a tool of blackmail. The world must respond resolutely and in accordance with the gravity of the situation, as stated by Soltskyi.