The State Department provides its perspective on the apprehension of the Russian ship SUKRU OKAN.

Characterizing Moscow’s actions as an “inadmissible escalation,” the US State Department’s spokesperson, Vedant Patel, strongly denounced Russia’s declarations that all ships en route to Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea would be treated as potential carriers of military cargo. Patel emphasized this point during a press briefing held on Monday, August 14.

From the perspective of the spokesperson, this represents an escalation that cannot be tolerated, underscoring Moscow’s culpability in obstructing the distribution of essential grain to its intended destinations.

Furthermore, Patel augmented his remarks by pointing out that, as per Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia has targeted 26 port infrastructure installations and obliterated an excess of 220,000 tons of grain following its withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

The United States remains diligently vigilant regarding this unfolding situation, according to Patel.

He expressed his deep apprehension regarding the potential for Russian military forces to broaden their scope, possibly targeting Ukrainian grain facilities and even civilian vessels within the Black Sea. Patel emphasized that a return to the Black Sea Grain Initiative is imperative for Russia.

“This approach has proven its efficacy, having facilitated the transportation of more than 32 million tons of grain. It has played an indispensable role in stabilizing global prices and has been pivotal in guaranteeing the unimpeded flow of grain to its rightful destinations,” Patel concluded.

On August 13, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that a Russian patrol ship engaged in cautionary gunfire when the vessel Sukru Okan, flying the flag of the Republic of Palau and purportedly bound for the Ukrainian port of Izmail, ostensibly disregarded requests to halt for inspection. Moscow contends that the vessel resumed its trajectory following the inspection.

However, InformNapalm, an entity within the global intelligence network, has contradicted the Russian Ministry of Defense’s assertion. Citing accounts from sailors aboard one of the ships at sea who intercepted communications of threats from the Russian ship via radio, InformNapalm revealed that the statement regarding the cessation and examination of the cargo ship Sukru Okan by the Russian authorities was fallacious. As corroborated by the sailors, the Sukru Okan did not comply with Russia’s demand to pause its movement; instead, it briefly altered its course towards the coastal waters of Turkey. According to the source, no helicopters were involved, and no warning shots were fired. The sole manifestations were verbal threats transmitted by the Russian vessel over the radio.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly condemned the provocative actions undertaken by the Russian Federation within the Black Sea, particularly in relation to the vessel Sukru Okan.