The US Urges China to Cease Military Pressure on Taiwan

China Conducts Military Drills in Response to Vice President’s Visit to the US.
The United States Calls for China to Halt Pressure on Taiwan as Beijing Launches Military Exercises Around the Island in Response to Vice President William Lai’s Visit to the United States. This development was reported by Reuters.

“We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressures on Taiwan and instead engage in substantive dialogues with Taiwan,” emphasized a spokesperson from the State Department.

Earlier, it was reported that on Saturday, August 19th, China initiated military exercises around Taiwan as a “strong warning to separatist forces.”

Lai, a prominent contender for the Taiwanese presidency in the January elections, returned from the United States on Friday, August 18th. Although officially categorized as “transit stops” on his way to Paraguay and back, Lai also delivered speeches during his time in the US.

China holds a distinct antipathy towards Lai due to his prior statements advocating for Taiwan’s independence. However, during his electoral campaign, Lai pledged to maintain the existing status quo and consistently proposed negotiations with Beijing.